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naahil adv a while ago Naahil beenat na' nim shilshi. I combed my hair a while ago. Yoyoxohil nan naahil. She was calling me a while ago. (sem. domains: - Recently, 8.4.1 - Period of time, - Clause conjunctions, - But, - Yesterday, today, tomorrow, - During, - Sometimes, - Day, - Past, - Soon.)

'eema adv almost Tanhil na' 'eema lagyiw. I almost went yesterday. (sem. domains: - Just, almost not, - Probably, - Not yet, - Almost, - Most, almost all, - Soon, - Embarrassed, - Empty.)

hew adv here Xayan' na' mi'in hew bilaasu'un. I'm going to put the plate down here. Shipga min hoyowush hew! Write your name here! (sem. domains: - Indefinite location, - Go, 9.6 - Connected with, related, - Absent, - Annoyed, - Not yet, - Come, - Prompters of attention, - Soon, - Empty, 8.5.1 - Here, there.)

'ooch'iy' near Holoshta' 'ooch'iy' 'oshto. She sat near the fire. Kate yalk'i'xon' 'ooch'iy' 'am p'aya. Kate is standing close to her child. (sem. domains: - Near, - Future, - Just, almost not, - Almost, - Far, - Soon, 4.1.4 - Neighbor.)

sanum adv soon Sanum na' mi'in xon' Pelesnow. Soon I'm going to live in Fresno. Aabul mi'in hishe' sanum. The apples are going to ripen soon. (sem. domains: - Future, - On time, - Soon.)

mi'in₁ adv soon Jack mi'in gosneenon' gayiina'an. Soon Jack is going to cook the chicken. Bememnan' na' mi'in waldina ilk'an. I will fill up the bucket with water soon. (sem. domains: - Future, - On time, - Soon.)

hiya' adv soon Taane' na' hiya'. I'll go soon. (sem. domains: - Future, - On time, - Soon.)