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banshit v brush Banshit 'am gamiisha'an. He brushed his shirt. Banishta' na' cheexa'an shilshi. I brushed the dog's hair. (sem. domains: 1.5 - Plant, 6.6.5 - Art, - Forest, grassland, desert, - Shave, - Touching, contact, - Draw, paint, - Spread, smear, - Touch, 5.4.4 - Care for the teeth, 5.6.5 - Sweep, rake, - Comb hair.)

'alk'ik'in, 'alk'ik'ni n yellow Al'alkaxon' k'oti' 'alk'ik'in 'op sipin' hidya'an. The big yellow sun shines over them all. Heley'an' shokow' alk'ik'ni t'appashi, walxom 'eelawi. The wind is carrying the yellow leaves, past the flower. (sem. domains: - Cowardice, 4.1.2 - Types of people, 5.4.4 - Care for the teeth, - Tooth, 2.5.2 - Disease.)