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jooti', jooti'in n butt Taxeetan' 'am jooti'. His butt is going to ache. Noh'o' 'ach'ich'ta' 'am jooti'in. The bear bit his butt. (sem. domains: - Interrupt, - Remain, remainder, - Touching, contact, - Annoyed, 5.2.4 - Tobacco, - Mock, - Meddle.)

ch'enaw', ch'enawi n shadow Ch'enbayin ch'enaw ta'ishhanta' xoch'ooyow. The bird's shadow was seen on the ground. Ta'ishta' na' nim ch'enawi. I saw my shadow. (sem. domains: - Remain, remainder, - Certainly, definitely, - Shadow.)

hedda' adv still Hedda' xo'ow. He is still at the house. Hedda' beenaxon' 'am shilshi. He is still combing his hair. (sem. domains: 6.6.5 - Art, - But, - Aspect--stative verbs, - Remain, remainder, 7.2.7 - Not moving, - Stay, remain, - Wind, - Not yet, - Calm, rough, - Alcohol preparation.)