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mayni adv by oneself Mayni na' yugushta' ustuuba'an. I cleaned the stove myself. Mayni na' gosneenot gayiina'an. I cooked the chicken myself. (sem. domains: - Reflexive pronouns, 5.4 - Adornment, - Move down, - Worship, 3.2.6 - Remember, - Meet for the first time, - Leave an organization.)


halaxnit, halaxinta' v climb Halaxnit shidgil 'utu'un. The squirrel climbed the tree. Halaxinta' dullaw yet semaniw. He climbed the mountain last week. (sem. domains: - Mountain, - Move down, - Evaluate, test, - Up, - Increase.)

shiltit v jump Shiltit ilk'aw. He jumped in the water. Shiltaxon' shelelaw. He's jumping (around) on the rock. (sem. domains: - Dive, - Move quickly, - Move down, - Basketball, - Afraid, - Ambush, - Jump, - To a larger degree, - Move up, - Laugh, - Agree to do something, - Wait.)