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hadbanay, hadbanya n four Hi' da' hadbanay' bilaasu'. Here are four plates. Wanga nan hadbanya aabula! Give me four apples! (sem. domains: - Obscenity, - Cardinal numbers, 8.1 - Quantity, - Number of times, 8.1.1 - Number.)

yeech'at adv once Yeech'at na' tanta' Apa'ashaw. I went to Oakhurst once. (sem. domains: - Again, - One, - Once, - Speak in unison, - Never, - Sometimes, - At the same time, - Number of times.)

shoopin, shoopina n three Hoynit shoopin ch'enbay' wa'law. Three birds flew in the sky. Hoyuch'ta' na' shoopina aabula. I wanted three apples. (sem. domains: - Yesterday, today, tomorrow, - Cardinal numbers, - Number of times, - Numbered group.)

bonyil' adv twice Bonyil' na' hanta' waldina. I kicked the bucket twice. Bonyil' na' tanta' dullaw. I went to the mountain twice. (sem. domains: - Two, - Number of times.)

bonoy, bonyo n two K'eshne' xo'ow bonoy' noch'o'. Two boys are going to go inside the house. Walxog bonyo teseech'i! Pass two doors! (sem. domains: - Cardinal numbers, - Both, - Two, - Number of times, - Numbered group.)