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maa'an, maamin ProN you, plural Hidya' maa'an ta'ishhil nan. You all saw me. Kate hidya'an maamin hoyoch'an'. Kate likes all of you.

ma', mam ProN you, singular Amaamin ma' wosit. You hit them. Yooyot na' mam. I called you.

hach'aami', hach'aami'in adj young (cf. new) Gidwiyata' hishin mokeela' hach'aami'. These young women went in a circle. Yatta' 'aman noono'on hach'aami'in. They talked to the young men.

hach'ami adj young (cf. new) Hishin mokeela' hach'ami. These women are young. Gidwiyat hishin mokeela' hach'ami. These young women went in a circle. (sem. domains: - Young, 9.2.1 - Adjectives, - Child, - Old, not young, - Youth.)

kayamwishit, kayamwishta' v yawn K'ayamwishit gaadu'. The cat yawned. P'ay' kayamwishta'. The child yawned.

maa'ak', maamik' ProN you, dual Yawalhil maa'ak' gaadu'un. You two chased the cat. Nancy wanit maamik' maamila. Nancy gave the two of you some blackberries.

dameenat, dameenata' v try Dameenata' na' gayeeda'an. I tried the cookies. Dameenata' na' de'eshich' woshok'o. I tried to make a belt.

ch'ee'am n vegetables (or: greens) Ch'ee'am na' woy'it. I planted green vegetables. (sem. domains: - Growing vegetables, - Food from vegetables.)

'amaa adv there Mi'in 'ama' noono' xayaata' hedeesha 'amaa 'oshtow. Then a man put the log there in the fire. Amaa yokoch' wil' goobe' toona. The Indians used to gather pinenuts there.

'amak', 'amaamig ProN they (dual) Bememlata' 'amak' k'oti'in gahoona. They both filled up the big box. Jack 'utyut 'amaamig. Jack pushed them (both).