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'amaa adv there Mi'in 'ama' noono' xayaata' hedeesha 'amaa 'oshtow. Then a man put the log there in the fire. Amaa yokoch' wil' goobe' toona. The Indians used to gather pinenuts there.

'amak', 'amaamig ProN they (dual) Bememlata' 'amak' k'oti'in gahoona. They both filled up the big box. Jack 'utyut 'amaamig. Jack pushed them (both).

'aman, 'amaamin ProN they (plural) Aman xata'an'. They are eating. Linda wanta' 'amaamin hedeesha. Linda gave them wood.

k'amaanewishhiy', k'amaanewishhiya n towel (Lit: something to dry with) Xoch'ooyot k'amaanewishhiy'. The towel is dirty. Maaxit k'amaanewishhiya. He picked the towel.

'amaagin ProN their (dual) P'ay' 'amaagin mich kande'ich'. Their child is a real candy-eater.

'amaamin ProN their (plural) Xo' 'amaamin 'ooch'iy' naanin xo'. Their house is close to ours. Yashne' na' ta'an 'amaamin hatma. I wish for their singing.

kamaamat, kamaamata' v open mouth wide Kamaamat 'am p'ay' waxilmi. His child opened his mouth wide when he cried. Kayamwushta' yo' kamaamata'. He yawned and opened his mouth wide.

ch'amaaxit, ch'amaxta' v mash Ch'amaaxit na' deena'an. I mashed the wild potatoes. Ch'amaxta' k'uyk'u. She mashed the fruits.

'amaalich', 'amalch'i n helper Mich gayis 'amaalich' ma'. You are a very good helper. Yooyot na' 'amalch'i. I called helper.

k'amaasi', k'amaasi'in n fly Hoyinta' k'amaasi' weelaw. The fly flew to the light. K'amaasi'in na' wosit sabaadu'un. I hit the fly with a shoe. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Soil, dirt, - Animal movement, - Angry, - Escape, - Fly, 7.3.8 - Transport, - Move up, - Forget.)