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bimyinde', bimyinde'en n black pepper Papiyta' bimyinde' xoch'ooyow. The black pepper scattered on the ground. Poyit na' bimyinde'en. I crushed the black pepper.

yup'p'ut, yup'p'uta' v wrinkled (to be) Yupp'ut ch'onut bimyinde'en. The skin of the black pepper wrinkled. Ilk'aw na' xooto', mi'in xo'in nim yup'p'uta'. I was in the water, then my body (skin) wrinkled up.

poyit, poyto' v grind (cf. pound) Poyit bimyinde'en. He crushed the black pepper. Poyto' na' simiiya'an sheleelaw. I ground the seeds on the rock.