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'enbay', 'enbayi n brother-in-law, sister-in-law Gichgichit min 'enbay'. Your brother-in-law is nervous. 'Ulmuk'yat na' nim 'enbayi. I dislike my brother-in-law.

ch'enbay', ch'enbayi n bird Jalawnit ch'enbay' manaw. The birds outside made a loud noise. Hoxtit cheexa' ch'enbayi utuw. The dog barked at the birds in the tree. (sem. domains: 1 - Universe, creation, 1.4 - Living things, 1.6 - Animal.)

t'igt'igit, t'igt'igta' v tease T'igt'igit na' ch'enbayi. I'm teasing the bird. T'igt'igta' na'at nim 'am namxa. My older sister teased her friend.

lipit, lipta' v spy on somebody/something Shonna' lipa'an' ch'enbayi. Shonna is spying on the bird. Lipga gawaayu'un! Spy on the horse!

t'uyut, t'uyta' v shoot T'uyut nan 'ilk'an. He's shooting me with water. T'uyta' ch'enbayin. He has shot a bird.

ch'enaw', ch'enawi n shadow Ch'enbayin ch'enaw ta'ishhanta' xoch'ooyow. The bird's shadow was seen on the ground. Ta'ishta' na' nim ch'enawi. I saw my shadow. (sem. domains: - Remain, remainder, - Certainly, definitely, - Shadow.)

wik'it v peek Wik'it 'ama' ch'enbayi. He peek at the bird. Nancy wik'ta' shidgila. Nancy peeked at the squirrel. (sem. domains: - Look.)

ladin, ladna n nest Widinta' ch'enbayin ladin xoch'ooyow. The bird's nest fell on the ground. Di'she' ch'enbay' 'amaamin ladna gew sipin'. The birds make their nests up there.

ch'init adj loud (cf. noisy) Hewetta' bonoy' ch'init noch'o' denderow. The two loud boys walked to the store. Yawaalit ch'init ch'enbayi. She chased the loud bird.

humk'uk'un, humk'uk'na adj gray Lipa'xon' humk'uk'un gaadu' ch'enbayi. The grey cat has been watching the bird. Hoxtit cheexa' gaadu'un humk'uk'na. The dog barked at the grey cat.

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