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gayiina' n chicken Pumo' gayiina' gaadu'un. The chicken is going to peck the cat. Yawalta' gaadu' gayiina'an. The cat chased the chicken. (sem. domains: 1 - Universe, creation, 1.4 - Living things, 1.6 - Animal.)

kiwshit, kiwishta' v boil T'eewishaw na' kiwshit ga'si. I boiled the leached acorn in the cooking basket. Kiwishta' gayiina'an. She has boiled the chicken.

hashlat, hashlata' v roast Hashlat na' bo'sha. I roasted the meat. Hashlata' gayiina'an. He roasted the chicken. (sem. domains: - Cattle, - Mock, - Cooking methods.)

hishwa', hishwa'an adj raw Hishwa' mich' gayiina'. The chicken is still raw. Ut't'al' chista' hishwa'an bo'sha. He cut only the raw meat.

kishaalat, kishaalata' v fry Kishaalat na' gayiina'an. I fried the chicken. Kishaalata' 'ama' gayiina'an xapliw heexaw. He fried the chicken in hot oil.

pumpumut, pumpumto' v peck Pumpumut gayiina' gaadu'un. The chicken pecked the cat. Pumpumto' ch'enbay' shidgila. The bird pecked the squirrel.

mayni adv by oneself Mayni na' yugushta' ustuuba'an. I cleaned the stove myself. Mayni na' gosneenot gayiina'an. I cooked the chicken myself. (sem. domains: - Reflexive pronouns, 5.4 - Adornment, - Move down, - Worship, 3.2.6 - Remember, - Meet for the first time, - Leave an organization.)

jelet₂ n lunch Gayiina'an na' xata'an' jeletaw. I ate chicken at lunch (time). (sem. domains: - Prepared food, - Crazy.)

k'ukk'uknat, k'ukk'uknata' v peck K'ukk'uknat ch'enbay' 'ooch'iy' 'utu'un. The bird is pecking near the tree. K'ukk'uknata' gayiina' gullaliw. The chicken pecked on the fence.

mi'in₁ adv soon Jack mi'in gosneenon' gayiina'an. Soon Jack is going to cook the chicken. Bememnan' na' mi'in waldina ilk'an. I will fill up the bucket with water soon. (sem. domains: - Future, - On time, - Soon.)
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