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hach'aami', hach'aami'in adj young (cf. new) Gidwiyata' hishin mokeela' hach'aami'. These young women went in a circle. Yatta' 'aman noono'on hach'aami'in. They talked to the young men.

hoych'it, hoyuch'ta' v want (cf. like) Hoych'it kande'en. She wanted a candy. Nopop nim hoyuch'ta' hach'aami'in xo'o. My father wanted a new house.

hama', hama'an n hammer Sasyinta' nim hama' hijma'. My cheap hammer broke. Shawighil na' hach'aami'in hama'an lagyiw. Yesterday I bought a new hammer.

bamanna', bamanna'an. n basket (for sifting) Bamanna' mich k'oti'. The sifting basket is very big. Sasyit 'ama' hach'aami'in bamanna'an. She broke the new basket.