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holoomun adv always Holoomun opootit na' nomeech'ataw. I always get up at 7. Hoxte' holoomun ta'an cheexa'. The dog always barks. (sem. domains: - All the time, - Every time, - Again, - Suggest, - Forever.)

hataamich', hatamch'i n singer Walpe' hataamich' holoomun. The singers always arrive early. Dihta' 'aman hatamch'i manaw. They followed the singers outside.

baada', baada'an n butter Xap'eelat baada'. 'An' potgo! The butter is hot. Don't touch it! K'eele' na' holoomun baada'an baanaw. I always spread butter on the bread. (sem. domains: - Eating utensil, - Milk products, - Prepared food.)

huushe'ich' hoy'no'on, huushe'ch'i hoy'no'on n pilot (Lit: driver of plane) Hi' huushe'ich' hoy'no'on walpe' holoomun. This pilot always arrives early. Hewetmixta' 'ama' huushe'ch'i hoy'no'on. She walked with a pilot.

ch'iwk'ay', ch'iwik'ya n green (also: blue) Jalawne' holoomun taa ch'enbay' ch'iwk'ay'. That green bird always makes loud noises. Shawge' 'amak' otmobiila ch'iwik'ya. They both are going to buy a green car.