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k'ayit, k'ay'ta' v urinate (for animals; slang) Cheexa' k'ayit 'utu'un. The dog peed the tree. Xoy' k'ay'ta' 'eelawi. The deer peed on the flower.

jahichk'ay', jahichk'ayi adj silly K'eeshinta' jahichk'ay' noono' xo'ow. The silly man went into the house. Ta'ishta' na' noono'on jahichk'ayi. I say the silly man. (sem. domains: - Stupid, - Immature in behavior, 3.5.5 - Foolish talk.)

k'ayaxit, k'ayaxti n salmon Hi' k'ayaxit heexa'. This salmon is fat. (sem. domains: - Fish.)

habilk'ay, hablik'ya n red Hatam'an' habilk'ay ch'enbay'. The red bird is singing. Shawighil gachab nim naawashi hablik'ya lagyiw. My daughter bought a red dress yesterday. (sem. domains: 2.1.5 - Hair, - Colors of the spectrum, 8.3.4 - Hot, 9.6 - Connected with, related, - Food from vegetables, 4.1.2 - Types of people, 2.1.4 - Skin, - Embarrassed, - Parts of a bird.)

k'ay' adv possibly Bajxine' nan k'ay'. He might not like me. Ama' hulushhuy' k'ay' k'elni t'ee manaw xon'. The chair might get painted if it stays outside. (sem. domains: - Possible, - Maybe.)

ch'iwk'ay', ch'iwik'ya n green (also: blue) Jalawne' holoomun taa ch'enbay' ch'iwk'ay'. That green bird always makes loud noises. Shawge' 'amak' otmobiila ch'iwik'ya. They both are going to buy a green car.

k'ayash, k'ayaashi n carrot (wild) K'amaanit k'ayash. The carrots dried up. Woy'et na' k'ayaashi. I planted the carrots. (sem. domains: - Food from roots, - Food from vegetables, 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

habilk'ay' noh'o', hablik'ya noh'o'on n bear (as in: grizzly bear) Huju'nun' nan habilk'ay' noh'o'. Grizzly bears scare me. T'uyta' 'ama' hablik'ya noh'o'on. He shot the grizzly bear.

kayamwishit, kayamwishta' v yawn K'ayamwishit gaadu'. The cat yawned. P'ay' kayamwishta'. The child yawned.

toxil n West Xayaata' K'ayu' weela'an toxil. Coyote put the light in the west. (sem. domains: - North, south, east, west.)
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