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k'eeshiw adv inside Nim noh'o' hini' k'eeshiw xo'ow. My bear is inside the house.

huy'at, huy'ata' v let K'eeshiw na' 'am huy'at xo'ow. I let him go inside the house. Huy'ata' na' 'am. I let him be.

yalk'it, yalik'ta' v stand (cf. stop) Yalk'it naa'ak' ch'enawiw. Both of us stood in the shadow. Yalik'ta' na' k'eeshiw 'am xo'ow. I stood up inside her house.

danxinit, danxinta' v bothered by a loud noise Danxinit na'. K'eeshiw na' taane'. I'm bothered by the loud noise. I'm going inside. (sem. domains: - Uninterested, bored, 4.2.3 - Music, - Loud, - Read, - Shout, - Sound, - Worried.)

homuch', homuch'a n woodrat Hishnit homuch' k'eeshiw hedeeshaw. The woodrat hid inside the wood. Xatta' 'aman homuch'a. They ate woodrat.

lameeda', lameeda'an n bottle Ch'alnit lameeda' k'eeshiw gustaliw. The bottle broke inside the sack. Gaabot na' lameeda'an. I grabbed the bottle.

hap'is, hap'si adj soft K'amin'an' hap'is banyu' k'eeshiw xo'ow. The soft cloth is drying up inside the house. Lushga nan min hap'si 'odxo! Lend me your soft pillow!