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kape' adj brown (sem. domains: - Colors of the spectrum, 4.1.2 - Types of people, - Sugar, - Spider, - Cooking methods.)

kape', kape'en n coffee Putmut kape' kewishaw. The coffee is boiling in the pot. Ugno' naa'an galjina kape'en. We drink a lot of coffee.

yunuk'tat, yunuk'tata' v warm up something Yunuk'tat xataashi. He warmed up the food. Yunuk'tata' 'am kape'en. She warmed up her coffee.

nomik', nomk'i adj warm Ohom' da' nomik' kape' shit'eyan'. Warm coffee does not taste good. Opixta' 'amak' nomk'i 'ilk'a. They two poured out the warm water.