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maamil', maamila n blackberry Meejinta' k'uyuuk'ata' maamil'. The blackberries were very sweet. Gobe na' mi'in maamila. I'm going to pick blackberries soon. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree.)

maa'ak', maamik' ProN you, dual Yawalhil maa'ak' gaadu'un. You two chased the cat. Nancy wanit maamik' maamila. Nancy gave the two of you some blackberries.

jajil', jajli adj sour Mich jajil' kande'. The candy is very sour. Tan'eta' jajli maamila 'am t'eewishaw. He took the sour blackberries from his basket. (sem. domains: - Spoil, - Decay, 2.3.3 - Taste, - Unfriendly.)

'ut't'al' adv only Goobit 'ut't'al' k'uyk'u maamila gay'siw chaxshaw. He picked only the sweet berries from the best bushes. Chischishta' 'ut't'al' hishwa'an bo'sha, 'ohom' da' hashlahana'an. He cut only the raw meat, not the grilled meat. (sem. domains: - One, - But, - Just, almost not, - Markers of emphasis, 9.7.3 - Name of a thing, - Birth order, - Narrow, - Only.)

'ooposhit, 'ooposhto' v pick for oneself Ishli' 'ooposhit maamila. Ishli picked blackberries for herself. Ooposhto' 'aman 'aabula. They have picked apples for themselves.

'ontip, 'ontipa n mother-in-law Xata'an' min 'ontipa maamila. Your mother-in-law is eating blueberries. Dihe' na' 'am 'ontipa. I will follow her mother-in-law.

goobit, gobto' v gather something, 1 (cf. collect, pick, harvest) Goobit na'an bayna. We gathered the acorn Gobto' na' k'uyk'u maamila. I gathered sweet berries.

labayit, labayta' v gather something, 2 (cf. collect, pick, harvest) Labayit 'aman maamila. They gathered blackberries. Labayta' na' galiide'en. I gathered watercress.