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mich adv very, really T'inhana' mich k'oti'. The dam is very big. Mich bajix sandiiya'. The watermelon is really bad. (sem. domains: - Uninterested, bored, - Move quickly, 9.3 - Very, - Pain, - Markers of emphasis, - Dazed, confused, - Dislike, - Probably, - Same, - Certainly, definitely, - Sure, - Almost, 8.5.1 - Here, there.)

hatamich' n singer (sem. domains: - Musician, - Sing.)

noomich, nomchi₁ n thumb (cf. toe) Wa'at' nim noomich. My fingers are long. K'eshgat 'am nomchi. He chewed his thumb.

noomich, nomchi₂ n toe (cf. thumb)

womchit, womichta' v chew Womchit ganaadu' shokooya. The cows chewed grass. Womichta' saak'ati. He chewed the gum. (sem. domains: - Cattle, - Rebuke, - Bite, chew, - Animal eating.)

himchit, himichta' v make fire Himchit 'oshto', mi'in hashlat gayiina'an. He just built a fire, then he grilled the chicken. Sox himichta' 'oshto. Skunk made fire.

hataamich', hatamch'i n singer Walpe' hataamich' holoomun. The singers always arrive early. Dihta' 'aman hatamch'i manaw. They followed the singers outside.

limlimich', limlimch'a n eyelashes Hi' du' 'am limlimich'. This is her eyelashes. Ta'ishta' na' 'am limlimch'a. I saw her eyelashes.

sox, sooxi n skunk Sox mich k'ahi'. The skunk stinks a lot. Ta'shit na' sooxi. I saw the skunk.

k'ahiy', k'ahyi adj stinky Sox mich k'ahiy'. The skunk really stinks. Cheexa' hoxot'on' k'ahyi sooxi. The dog is barking at the stinky skunk.