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'oyut, 'oyto' v move Oyut 'aman xo'ow dullaw. They moved to the house in the mountain. Oyto' 'alit Pelesnow. He moved to Fresno a while ago.

doyut, doyto' v suck blood Doyut k'oolapi' nim paayax. The mosquito sucked my blood. Mejnit 'am doyut leeji'in. She really sucks the milk.

goyut, goyto' v mix Goyut na haliina'an; baana'an na' mi'in di'she'. I mixed the flour; then I'm going to make bread. Goyto' haliina'an, k'uyu'un, leeji'in. She mixed flour, sugar, milk.

booyut, boyto' v knead Booyut na' haliina'an. I kneaded the flour. Boyto' haliina'an. She kneaded the flour. (sem. domains: - Steps in food preparation.)