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nomik', nomk'i adj warm Ohom' da' nomik' kape' shit'eyan'. Warm coffee does not taste good. Opixta' 'amak' nomk'i 'ilk'a. They two poured out the warm water.

hishik', hishiik'a n these two Saniysilit hishik'. These two are scary. Yoyooto' na' hishiik'a. I called these two.

'amak', 'amaamig ProN they (dual) Bememlata' 'amak' k'oti'in gahoona. They both filled up the big box. Jack 'utyut 'amaamig. Jack pushed them (both).

'aman, 'amaamin ProN they (plural) Aman xata'an'. They are eating. Linda wanta' 'amaamin hedeesha. Linda gave them wood.

dindinich', dindinch'a adj thick Shobon' mich dindinich'. The blanket is very thick. Jageeda' 'am dindinich'. Her jacket is thick.

'ushtutun, 'ushtutna n thief Tishit 'ilpaw 'ushtutun. The thief came out of the cave. Ta'ishta' na' 'ushtutna. I saw the thief.

k'owiy', k'owyo n thigh (hip-to-knee) Heexa' nim k'owiy'. My thighs are fat. Ach'ch'it k'oolapi' nim k'owyo. A mosquito bit my thigh.

k'ilsan', k'ilsani adj thin and tall (cf. smooth) Noono' mich k'ilsan'. The man is really thin and tall. Yatta' na' k'ilsani noono'on. I talked to the thin man.

ch'edmat, ch'edmata' v think Ch'edmat na' nim no'omo. I thought about my mother. Ha'an da' ma' ch'edmata'? What did you think about? (sem. domains: - Think so, - Think about, - Intelligent, 3.2.6 - Remember, - Imagine, - Believe, 3.2 - Think.)

dawshit, dawishta' v thirsty (to be) Dawshit na'. I'm thirsty. Meejinta' Kate dawishta'. Kate was very thirsty.