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hoyul' adj alive (cf. sober) Hedda' hoyul'. It's still alive.

k'atiyaya'- n alligator

'eema adv almost Tanhil na' 'eema lagyiw. I almost went yesterday. (sem. domains: - Just, almost not, - Probably, - Not yet, - Almost, - Most, almost all, - Soon, - Embarrassed, - Empty.)

hiyim' adv already Hiyim' xi balk'it. She's already pregnant. (sem. domains: - Now.)

holoomun adv always Holoomun opootit na' nomeech'ataw. I always get up at 7. Hoxte' holoomun ta'an cheexa'. The dog always barks. (sem. domains: - All the time, - Every time, - Again, - Suggest, - Forever.)

'ama'₁ conj and Nootun Shokwo' 'ama' yo' 'Op The North Wind and the Sun

yo' adv and (cf. again, also) Ta'ishta' 'ama' nim nopoopo nim yo' no'oomo. She saw my father and my mother. Goye' na' haliina'an 'am yo' hoona. I mix the flour and the egg.

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