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ch'ayak'nit, ch'ayaak'inta' v wink at somebody Ch'ayaknit na' 'am. I winked at him. Ch'ayaak'inta' 'ama', mi'in tanta'. She winked, then she left. (sem. domains: 3.3.2 - Request, - Gesture, - Star.)

tomooxish, tomooxisha n winter (cf. year) (sem. domains: - Season.)

k'aalit, k'alta' v trim branches K'aalit na' 'utu'un. I trimmed the branches of a tree. K'alta' na' hedeesha. I trimmed the branches off the wood.

dal'wit, daliw'ta' v trip Dal'wit tan noono'on. He tripped that man. Daliw'ta' cheexa'an k'ut' nan. The dog's tail tripped me.

dal'winit, dal'winta' v trip (and fall) Dal'winit 'ama' halaaxinmi 'utu'un. He tripped and fell when he climbed the tree. Ohom' da' dal'winta' 'ama'. He did not trip and fall.

dalim', dalima n trout Ama' dalim' beelit wakayaw. The trout swam in the river. Ta'shit na' dalima. I saw the trout.

dameenat, dameenata' v try Dameenata' na' gayeeda'an. I tried the cookies. Dameenata' na' de'eshich' woshok'o. I tried to make a belt.

bumuk', bumuk'a n tule (round) Bohle' bumuk' hew. Tule grows here. Chishit 'aman bumuk'a. They cut some tules.

ch'adbinit, ch'adbinta' v turn (oneself) Ch'adbinit 'ow'. The turtle flipped over. Ch'adbinta' cheexa', mi'in lihimta'. The dog flipped over, then it ran.

saapit, sapta'₂ v turn off (cf. extinguish, put out) Saapit p'ay' weela'an yugshuwsha'hiyaw. The child turned off the light in the bathroom. Sapta' na' weela'an. I turned off the light.