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p'ishit, p'ishta' v turn on P'ishit Nina' weela'an. Nina turned on the light. P'ishta' 'aman weela'an xo'ow. They turned on the lights in the house.

bishlit, bishilta' v turn one's back on others (with anger) Bishlit magwa ch'enbay'. The bird turned its back on both of us. Holeelata' 'ama', bishilta' nan. She got angry, she turned her back on me.

'ow', 'oowi n turtle Ch'adbinit 'ow'. The turtle flipped over. Ch'adibta' na' 'oowi. I flipped the turtle over. (sem. domains: - Turtle.)

biwiwshiy', biwiwshiya n tweezers Widne' biwiwshiy' xoch'ooyow. The tweezers will fall on the ground. Shawgit na' biwiwshiya. I bought a pair of tweezers. (sem. domains: 6.7.6 - Holding tool.)

ch'iinalis, ch'iinalisa n twins (cf. coffee berry) Waxal'an' nim ch'iinalis. My twins are crying. Yooyot na' ch'iinalisa. I called the twins.

beyeech'it, beyech'ta' v twist Beyeechit na' 'am nomich'. I twisted his finger. Beyech'ta' na' nim dadaach'in kuyu'un. I twisted my ankle. (sem. domains: - Twist, wring, 7.3.5 - Turn something, 2.5.3 - Injure.)

bonoy, bonyo n two K'eshne' xo'ow bonoy' noch'o'. Two boys are going to go inside the house. Walxog bonyo teseech'i! Pass two doors! (sem. domains: - Cardinal numbers, - Both, - Two, - Number of times, - Numbered group.)

noxox, noxooxi n uncle Xon' noxox nim Pelesnow. My uncle lives in Fresno. Mi'in yo'kem ta'ishta' 'am noxooxi. When he came back, he saw his uncle.

ch'oyot, ch'oyoota' v urinate (sem. domains: - Care for a baby, 2.2.7 - Urinate, urine.)

k'ayit, k'ay'ta' v urinate (for animals; slang) Cheexa' k'ayit 'utu'un. The dog peed the tree. Xoy' k'ay'ta' 'eelawi. The deer peed on the flower.