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yebeech'il, yebeech'ila n lip Dugmat 'am yibeech'il. His lips are bruised up.

noono', noono'on n man Ipsinxon' taa noono'. That man is lost. Jogoogot na' 'am noono'on. I pointed at the man. (sem. domains: - Man, - Acquit, - Condemn, find guilty, - Intelligent, - Speak little, - Traditional medicine, - Old person, - Guide, 4.1.2 - Types of people, 6.6 - Occupation, 2.5.8 - Mental illness, 2 - Person, 2.4.1 - Strong, - Wedding, - Youth, - Adult.)

goyut, goyto' v mix Goyut na haliina'an; baana'an na' mi'in di'she'. I mixed the flour; then I'm going to make bread. Goyto' haliina'an, k'uyu'un, leeji'in. She mixed flour, sugar, milk.

k'aach'ik', k'aach'ik'a n nit Oheemata' k'aach'ik' 'am gaamaw. Nits have disappeared from his bed. K'aach'ik'a na' xepta' 'am shilshiw. I pulled the nits off his hair.

'ohom' adv not Ohom' da' mokeela' hewetta' goosinmi. The woman did not walk slowly. Ohom' 'ama' ch'enbay' ta'shit 'am. The bird did not see it.

hach'a adv now Haweeshaxon' hach'a? What time is it now? Ch'amaxxon' na' baabasi hach'a. I'm mashing the potatoes right now.

moxlo', moxlo'on adj old Hiyeema' 'alit, hew xooto' moxlo' k'oliswa' mokeela'. A long time ago, there lived an old small woman. Xayaawushit moxlo'on gamiisha. She wore an old shirt. (sem. domains: - Old person, - Old, not new, - Old fashioned, - Old, not young.)

yet', yeet'a n one Yet' nim gaadu'. I have one cat. Tishag yeet'a bilaasu'un! Take out one plate!

maayin ProN our Bemeeman' maayin xo'. Our house will get full.