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sanum adv soon Sanum na' mi'in xon' Pelesnow. Soon I'm going to live in Fresno. Aabul mi'in hishe' sanum. The apples are going to ripen soon. (sem. domains: - Future, - On time, - Soon.)

hashwinit, hashwinta'₁ adj dead Sanum hashwinit. Soon he was dead. Ama' cheexa' hashwinta' 'alit. That dog died a while ago.

hishit v ripen Aabul' hishe' sanum. The apple is going to ripen soon. (sem. domains: - Steps in food preparation, 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.)

wosheeta', wosheeta'an n elderberry Hishe' wosheeta' sanum. The elderberries are getting ripe soon. Xatta' ch'enbay' galjina wosheeta'an. The bird ate a lot of elderberries.