naahil adv a while ago Naahil beenat na' nim shilshi. I combed my hair a while ago. Yoyoxohil nan naahil. She was calling me a while ago. (sem. domains: - Recently, 8.4.1 - Period of time, - Clause conjunctions, - But, - Yesterday, today, tomorrow, - During, - Sometimes, - Day, - Past, - Soon.)


sipin'₁ adv above (cf. top of, up) Wu'shul' hoyne' wa' sipin' wa'law. Eagles fly high above the sky. Ka'yu' 'ama' yo' k'oliswa' watwat hulsha'xon' sipin' 'ilk'aw. Coyote and a little duck were sitting above the water.


'eema adv almost Tanhil na' 'eema lagyiw. I almost went yesterday. (sem. domains: - Just, almost not, - Probably, - Not yet, - Almost, - Most, almost all, - Soon, - Embarrassed, - Empty.)


hiyim' adv already Hiyim' xi balk'it. She's already pregnant. (sem. domains: - Now.)


holoomun adv always Holoomun opootit na' nomeech'ataw. I always get up at 7. Hoxte' holoomun ta'an cheexa'. The dog always barks. (sem. domains: - All the time, - Every time, - Again, - Suggest, - Forever.)


yo' adv and (cf. again, also) Ta'ishta' 'ama' nim nopoopo nim yo' no'oomo. She saw my father and my mother. Goye' na' haliina'an 'am yo' hoona. I mix the flour and the egg.


namay'si adv barely Namay'si na' ta'shit. I can barely see. Hewetta' taa noono' namay'si. That man can barely walk. (sem. domains: 9.3 - Very, - Just, almost not, - Space, room.)



dik'in adv behind, back of Na'an huushit dik'in goosina'ich' 'otmobila. We drove behind a slow car. Ta'shit ka'yu'un dik'in 'utu'un. He saw a coyote behind a tree.


mayni adv by oneself Mayni na' yugushta' ustuuba'an. I cleaned the stove myself. Mayni na' gosneenot gayiina'an. I cooked the chicken myself. (sem. domains: - Reflexive pronouns, 5.4 - Adornment, - Move down, - Worship, 3.2.6 - Remember, - Meet for the first time, - Leave an organization.)


na'ash₂ adv can, could (cf. may) Eepal ma' na'ash? Can you swim? Nahni' na' na'ash gosneenol gayiina'an. Maybe I could cook chicken.