gaabinit, gaabinta’

gaabinit, gaabinta' v accept Gaabinit na' baana'an. I accepted the bread. Gaabinta' 'aman 'ilk'a. They accepted water.

taxeetat, taxeetata’

taxeetat, taxeetata' v ache Teeliy' nim taxeetat. My tooth is aching. Taxeetata' 'am k'ewet. Her back ached.

gashgashit, gashgashta’

gashgashit, gashgashta' v ache (to have one, on the leg) Taxish nim gashgashit. My calf is aching. Taxish nim gashgashta'. My calf ached.

‘umlunut, ‘umlunta’


'umlunut, 'umlunta' v ache, stomach (to have one) 'Umlunut 'am nopop. His father had a stomach ache. 'Umlunta' na' 'alit. I had a stomach ache some time ago.

shutut, shutta’

shutut, shutta' v add Shutut na' yo' bek'eewa'an. I added more beads (to the string). Shutta' na' bek'eewa'an t'eewishaw. I added beads to the basket. (sem. domains: - Add to something, - Fertilize a field, - Pour, - Logical, - Steps in food preparation, - Add numbers, 9.1.1 - Be, - Change color, - And, also, 1.3.5 - Solutions of water, - Increase, - Interested, - Markers of identificational and explanatory clauses, 7.5.3 - Mix.)

ch’akit, ch’akta’

ch'akit, ch'akta' v add Ch'akit k'eexa'an min won'shi. She added more money to your purse. Ch'akta' 'aman bobbila gahoonaw 'alit. They added more papers into the box (sem. domains: - Add to something, - Fertilize a field, - Pour, - Steps in food preparation, - Add numbers, - Change color, - Increase, 7.5.3 - Mix.)

yixit, yixta’


yixit, yixta' v aim Yixit 'am weela'an 'utuw. He aimed his light at the tree. Yixta' sheleela noh'ow. He aimed the stone at the bear. (sem. domains: - Try, attempt, - Plan, 7.7.2 - Aim at a target, - Weapon, shoot, - Intend, 6.4.1 - Hunt, - Purpose, goal.)

holeelat, holeelata’

holeelat, holeelata' v angry (to become) Holeelat taa mokeela' nim xattaw gayeeda'an. The woman became angry when I ate the cookies. Holeelata' 'amak' p'aayin jalwintaw. They both became angry when the child was noisy.

ch’alwinit, ch’alwinta’

ch'alwinit, ch'alwinta' v annoyed by Ch'alwinit na' nim p'aya. I was annoyed by my kids. Ch'alwinta' 'aman gaadu'un. They were annoyed by the cat. (sem. domains: - Annoyed.)

heweyit, heweyta’

heweyit, heweyta' v answer Heweyit 'am leelilaych'i. She answered the teacher. Heweyta' nan. He answered me.