ju'ba' n some Ju'ba' yugshut bilaasu'un. Some of them washed the plates. Xatit na' ju'ba'an toona. I ate some nuts. (sem. domains: - Manner of eating, - Think about, - Few, little, - Light in weight, - Not yet, 7.5.4 - Tie, - Day, - Far, - Approximate, - Some, - Indefinite pronouns, 9.3.3 - Partly.)

gullal’, gullali₂

gullal', gullali₂ n spoon Hi' nim gusal'. This is my spoon. Xayaata' gusali boshowow. He put the spoon on the round stone. (sem. domains: - Few, little, - Eating utensil, - Serve food, - Big container, volume.)