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naahil adv a while ago Naahil beenat na' nim shilshi. I combed my hair a while ago. Yoyoxohil nan naahil. She was calling me a while ago. (sem. domains: - Recently, 8.4.1 - Period of time, - Clause conjunctions, - But, - Yesterday, today, tomorrow, - During, - Sometimes, - Day, - Past, - Soon.)

'ut't'al' adv only Goobit 'ut't'al' k'uyk'u maamila gay'siw chaxshaw. He picked only the sweet berries from the best bushes. Chischishta' 'ut't'al' hishwa'an bo'sha, 'ohom' da' hashlahana'an. He cut only the raw meat, not the grilled meat. (sem. domains: - One, - But, - Just, almost not, - Markers of emphasis, 9.7.3 - Name of a thing, - Birth order, - Narrow, - Only.)

hedda' adv still Hedda' xo'ow. He is still at the house. Hedda' beenaxon' 'am shilshi. He is still combing his hair. (sem. domains: 6.6.5 - Art, - But, - Aspect--stative verbs, - Remain, remainder, 7.2.7 - Not moving, - Stay, remain, - Wind, - Not yet, - Calm, rough, - Alcohol preparation.)