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ch'ama adj blind Noono' ch'ama' ba'on' The blind man gropes around (or, feels his way around). Amilta' 'aman ch'ama'an noono'on. They helped the blind man. (sem. domains: - Hide your thoughts, - Stupid, - Poor eyesight, - Ignore, 6.4.1 - Hunt, 2.3.1 - See, - Blind, - Window.)

jahichk'ay', jahichk'ayi adj silly K'eeshinta' jahichk'ay' noono' xo'ow. The silly man went into the house. Ta'ishta' na' noono'on jahichk'ayi. I say the silly man. (sem. domains: - Stupid, - Immature in behavior, 3.5.5 - Foolish talk.)

goosinayich', goosinaych'i n slow (a slow one) Jagach' mich goosinayich'. Donkeys are slow. (sem. domains: - Change something, - Stupid, - Decrease, - Speak poorly, - Slow, - Calm, rough, - Move slowly.)