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'unu', 'unu'un n ghost Panat 'unu' hoy'li. The ghost left quickly. Ta'ishta' na' 'unu'un manaw. I saw the ghost outside. (sem. domains: - Abandon, 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.)

dolk'ok'no', dolk'ok'no'on n giant Dolk'ok'no' yunshut mi'in holook'ut k'oti'in k'eemixi. The giant shook and pulled out the big oak tree. Sawta' Ka'yu' Dolk'ok'no'on. Coyote shouted at Giant. (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being, 8.2 - Big.)

ch'enawiw n shade Ama' holosh'an' ch'enawiw. He is sitting in the shade. Ch'enawiw poyit na' bayna seeyen. I ground the acorn with a pestle in the shade. (sem. domains: 2.4.5 - Rest, - Light source, 4.9.2 - Supernatural being, - Change color, - Shadow, - Color, 1.1.1 - Sun, - Window.)