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k'eexa', k'eexa'an n money Xayat 'am k'eexa'an lameesaw. He put his money on the table. (sem. domains: - Show off, - Store wealth, 6.8.6 - Money, - Frugal, - Spend, 4.6.6 - Government functions, - Bribe, - Extort money, - Sure.)

lushut, lushta' v loan, lend Lushut taa mokeela' nan galjina k'eexa'an. That woman is loaning me a lot of money. Lushta' na' 'am k'eexa'an. I loaned him money.

hishit, hishta'₁ v hide something Hishit nim boch'on gusal'. My son hid a spoon. Hisha'an' noono' 'am k'eexa'an. The man is hiding his money.

mondet, mondeta' v gamble Mondet na' nim k'eexa'an. I gambled my money. Mondeta' na' nim k'eexa'an. I gambled my money. (sem. domains: - Gambling.)

wok'yit, wok'iyta' v give Wok'yit na' mam k'eexa'an. I gave you some money. Wok'iyta' nan k'eexa'an. She gave me some money.

ch'akit, ch'akta' v add Ch'akit k'eexa'an min won'shi. She added more money to your purse. Ch'akta' 'aman bobbila gahoonaw 'alit. They added more papers into the box (sem. domains: - Add to something, - Fertilize a field, - Pour, - Steps in food preparation, - Add numbers, - Change color, - Increase, 7.5.3 - Mix.)

beneetit, benetta' v ask Beneetit na' huyuch' widnit. I asked if she fell. No'omo nim benetta' na' k'eexa'an. I asked my mother for money. (sem. domains: - Repent, 3.3.2 - Request, - Request forgiveness, - Beg, - Advise, - Invite, - Ask, 3.3.4 - Ask permission, - Romantic love.)