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xo', xo'o n house Xo' nim 'ooch'iy'. My house is nearby. Walxon' may' 'am xo'o. We are passing his house.

xo'o di'sham' n house builder

xot, xooto' v stay Xot 'aman nim xo'ow. They are staying in my house. Amaa du' na' xooto' yet' semaniw. I was there last week, y'know.

walxot, walxota' v pass by Walxot 'aman nim namxa. They are passing by my friend. Mokeela' walxota' nim xo'o. The woman passed by my house.

dawhalit, dawhalta' v work Dawhalit na' xo'ow. I worked at home. Dawhalta' 'aman hospitlaw. They worked at the hospital.

du' particle y'know K'eeshinta' xo'ow du'. He went in the house, y'know.

hawit, hawta'₂ v why Hawit da' na'at nim taanit xo'ow min? Why did my older sister go to your house? Hawta' da' 'ama' xatta' nim gayeeda'an? Why did she eat my cookie?

p'ishit, p'ishta' v turn on P'ishit Nina' weela'an. Nina turned on the light. P'ishta' 'aman weela'an xo'ow. They turned on the lights in the house.

bonoy, bonyo n two K'eshne' xo'ow bonoy' noch'o'. Two boys are going to go inside the house. Walxog bonyo teseech'i! Pass two doors! (sem. domains: - Cardinal numbers, - Both, - Two, - Number of times, - Numbered group.)

hoych'it, hoyuch'ta' v want (cf. like) Hoych'it kande'en. She wanted a candy. Nopop nim hoyuch'ta' hach'aami'in xo'o. My father wanted a new house.