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palaat'at', palaat'at'i n woodpecker Holoshta' palaat'at' 'utuw. A woodpecker perched in a tree. Ta'ishta' na' palaat'at'i. I saw a woodpecker.

homuch', homuch'a n woodrat Hishnit homuch' k'eeshiw hedeeshaw. The woodrat hid inside the wood. Xatta' 'aman homuch'a. They ate woodrat.

dawhalit, dawhalta' v work Dawhalit na' xo'ow. I worked at home. Dawhalta' 'aman hospitlaw. They worked at the hospital.

dawhal', dawhali n work (cf. job)

wixwik, wixwika n worm Wixwik balash'an' 'am k'eweetaw. The worm is crawling on his back. Potit na' wixwika. I caught the worm.

balenit, balenta' v wrap Balenit na' p'aya shobonow. I wrapped the baby in a blanket. Balenta' 'amin p'onoosho k'amaanewishhiya. He wrapped his hand with a towel. (sem. domains: - Wrap, - Load, pile, 6.7.5 - Fastening tool, 7.3.7 - Cover, - Complete, finish, - Control.)

bebiich'at, bebiich'ata' v wring Bebiich'at 'ama' 'am gamiisha'an. He wrung his shirt. Bebiich'ata' na' banyu'un. I wrung the rag.

yup'p'ut, yup'p'uta' v wrinkled (to be) Yupp'ut ch'onut bimyinde'en. The skin of the black pepper wrinkled. Ilk'aw na' xooto', mi'in xo'in nim yup'p'uta'. I was in the water, then my body (skin) wrinkled up.

sheepit, shepta' v write Sheepit na' nim hoyowush 'amaa. I wrote my name over there. Shepta' 'am hoyowush bobbilaw. He wrote his name on the paper.

shipach', shipaach'i n writer Xayat taa shipach' 'am bobbila lameesaw. That writer put down her paper on the table. Dihta' na' shipaach'i. I went with the writer.