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wat', waat'a n who Wat' da' hi'? Who is this? Ohom' na' yathil waat'a. I didn't talk to anyone.

xap'it, xap'ta' v whup (or beat) Xap'it 'ama' 'am. He whupped him.

hawit, hawta'₂ v why Hawit da' na'at nim taanit xo'ow min? Why did my older sister go to your house? Hawta' da' 'ama' xatta' nim gayeeda'an? Why did she eat my cookie?

mokiy, mokyi n wife Mokiy nim balak'. My wife is pregnant. Ama' noono' shum'ta' 'am mokyi. The man kissed his wife.

shalim, shalma n willow Bohlo' shalim gew. Willows grow there. Chishit 'aman shalma. They cut the willow.

ch'awit, ch'aw'ta' v win Jack ch'awit wodyo. Jack won the dance competition. Ama' mokeela' ch'awta' lihma. That woman won the running competition. (sem. domains: - Win, - Free to do what you want.)

windara', windara'an n window Ch'alinta' windara' dendero'on. The window of the store broke. Odibga hidya'an windara'an! Open all the windows! (sem. domains: 6.5.2 - Parts of a building, - Working with glass, - Roof, - Window.)

shokoy, shokooya₂ v windy Shokwit. It was windy. Shokowon'. It's really windy. Shokowta' naanin yowtaw. It was windy when we went home. (sem. domains: - Wind.)

saayi', saayi'in₂ n wing (cf. feather) Limeek'ata' 'am saayi'. Its wings became black.