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hach’aami’, hach’aami’in

hach'aami', hach'aami'in adj young (cf. new) Gidwiyata' hishin mokeela' hach'aami'. These young women went in a circle. Yatta' 'aman noono'on hach'aami'in. They talked to the young men.


hach'ami adj young (cf. new) Hishin mokeela' hach'ami. These women are young. Gidwiyat hishin mokeela' hach'ami. These young women went in a circle. (sem. domains: - Young, 9.2.1 - Adjectives, - Child, - Old, not young, - Youth.)


min ProN your (possessive, singular) Wa' min xo'. Your house is far. Ch'aawaliwig min xataashi! Go pay for your food!