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wooyi’, wooyi’in

wooyi', wooyi'in adj ancient, very old Hew wooyi' gewwishhiy'. The ancient meeting place is here. Bok'it na' wooyi'in gewwishhiya. I found an ancient meeting place.

hoyoshit, hoyoshta’

hoyoshit, hoyoshta' v argue Hoyoshit boch'on nim 'am namxa. My son argued with his friend. Jack hoyoshta' 'am na'ata. Jack argued with his older sister.

k’ewet, k’eweeta

k'ewet, k'eweeta n back (body part) Taxeetaxon' nim k'ewet. My back is hurting. Duguglag min k'eweeta! Straighten your back!