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naahil adv a while ago Naahil beenat na' nim shilshi. I combed my hair a while ago. Yoyoxohil nan naahil. She was calling me a while ago. (sem. domains: - Recently, 8.4.1 - Period of time, - Clause conjunctions, - But, - Yesterday, today, tomorrow, - During, - Sometimes, - Day, - Past, - Soon.)


sipin'₁ adv above (cf. top of, up) Wu'shul' hoyne' wa' sipin' wa'law. Eagles fly high above the sky. Ka'yu' 'ama' yo' k'oliswa' watwat hulsha'xon' sipin' 'ilk'aw. Coyote and a little duck were sitting above the water.

gaabinit, gaabinta’

gaabinit, gaabinta' v accept Gaabinit na' baana'an. I accepted the bread. Gaabinta' 'aman 'ilk'a. They accepted water.

taxeetat, taxeetata’

taxeetat, taxeetata' v ache Teeliy' nim taxeetat. My tooth is aching. Taxeetata' 'am k'ewet. Her back ached.

gashgashit, gashgashta’

gashgashit, gashgashta' v ache (to have one, on the leg) Taxish nim gashgashit. My calf is aching. Taxish nim gashgashta'. My calf ached.

‘umlunut, ‘umlunta’


'umlunut, 'umlunta' v ache, stomach (to have one) 'Umlunut 'am nopop. His father had a stomach ache. 'Umlunta' na' 'alit. I had a stomach ache some time ago.

bayin’, bayna

bayin', bayna n acorn (generic) Bagnit 'ilk'aw bayin'. The acorn soaked in the water. Ewinta' na' bayna. I sifted the acorn.

budush, budusha

budush, budusha n acorn (of black oak) Papyit xoch'ooyow budush. Black oak acorns scattered on the ground. Poyit na' budusha. I ground the black oak acorn.

won’, wooni

won', wooni n acorn dumpling, bread Shit'eeyat won'. The acorn bread tasted good. Di'shit mokeela' wooni. The woman made acorn bread.

limin’, limna

limin', limna n acorn mush, meal Limin' weelehanta'. The acorn mush was stirred. Di'ishta' 'ama' yunk'u limna. She made warm acorn mush.