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dadaach’in kuyu’, dadaach’in kuyu’un

dadaach'in kuyu', dadaach'in kuyu'un n ankle (lit. joints of foot) Dadaach'in kuyu' 'am taxeetata'. His ankle was in pain. Balenta' 'am dadaach'in kuyu'un banyun. He wrapped his ankle with a cloth.

ch’alwinit, ch’alwinta’

ch'alwinit, ch'alwinta' v annoyed by Ch'alwinit na' nim p'aya. I was annoyed by my kids. Ch'alwinta' 'aman gaadu'un. They were annoyed by the cat. (sem. domains: - Annoyed.)

ch’aliw’, ch’alwi

ch'aliw', ch'alwi adj annoying Lihimta' ch'aliw gaadu'. The annoying cat ran. Yawal'an' cheexa' nim gaadu'un ch'alwa. My dog chased the annoying cat. (sem. domains: - Annoyed.)

hid’an’, hid’ani

hid'an', hid'ani n another Bok'it hid'an' p'ay' huuya'an. Another kid found a caterpillar. Ta'shit na' hid'ani p'aaya. I saw another kid.

heweyit, heweyta’

heweyit, heweyta' v answer Heweyit 'am leelilaych'i. She answered the teacher. Heweyta' nan. He answered me.

k’eenich’, k’eenich’i

k'eenich', k'eenich'i n ant Ach'ich'ta' nan k'eenich' ch'alew'. The bothersome ants bit me. Dachta' na' k'eenich'i. I stepped on the ant.

bat’aaga’, bat’aaga’an

bat'aaga', bat'aaga'an n ant (black) Xatta' bat'aaga' huuya'an. The black ants ate the caterpillar. Lipit ka'yu' bat'aaga'an. The coyote watched the black ants.

tawaasat, tawaasata’

tawaasat, tawaasata' v anxious (being one) Tawaasat 'aman 'am huushetaw. They were nervous when he drove. Tawaasata' noono' 'am boch'oonin tishtaw. The man was anxious when his son was born.

‘aabul’, ‘aabula


'aabul', 'aabula n apple Mejnit lak'wunut 'aabul' xoch'ooyow. Many apples dropped on the ground. Xatit na' 'aabula. I ate an apple.

dasheeyit, dasheyta’

dasheeyit, dasheyta' v argue Mijnit aman dasheeyit. They really fought. (sem. domains: - Contradict, - Quarrel, - Defend against accusation, - Debate.)