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‘uduulan, ‘uduulana

'uduulan, 'uduulana n acorn soup Shit'eeyat 'uduulan. The acorn soup tasted good. 'Uduulana na' di'shit. I made acorn soup.

‘eep’an’, ‘eep’ani


'eep'an', 'eep'ani n acorn, ground Bamannaw 'eep'an'. The ground acorn is in the sifting basket. Di'shit mokeela' 'eep'ani. The woman made ground acorn.

ga’is, ga’si

ga'is, ga'si n acorn, leached Ga'is putmut keweshaw. The leached acorn boiled in the bowl. Xayat ga'si keweshaw. She put the leached acorn in the pot.

shutut, shutta’

shutut, shutta' v add Shutut na' yo' bek'eewa'an. I added more beads (to the string). Shutta' na' bek'eewa'an t'eewishaw. I added beads to the basket. (sem. domains: - Add to something, - Fertilize a field, - Pour, - Logical, - Steps in food preparation, - Add numbers, 9.1.1 - Be, - Change color, - And, also, 1.3.5 - Solutions of water, - Increase, - Interested, - Markers of identificational and explanatory clauses, 7.5.3 - Mix.)

ch’akit, ch’akta’

ch'akit, ch'akta' v add Ch'akit k'eexa'an min won'shi. She added more money to your purse. Ch'akta' 'aman bobbila gahoonaw 'alit. They added more papers into the box (sem. domains: - Add to something, - Fertilize a field, - Pour, - Steps in food preparation, - Add numbers, - Change color, - Increase, 7.5.3 - Mix.)

Kanaaga’, Kanaaga’an

Kanaaga', Kanaaga'an n African-American Heweetit Kanaaga' Pelesnow. The African-American walked to Fresno. Ta'shit na' Kanaaga'an Gadnew. I saw an African-American in Picayune.

yixit, yixta’


yixit, yixta' v aim Yixit 'am weela'an 'utuw. He aimed his light at the tree. Yixta' sheleela noh'ow. He aimed the stone at the bear. (sem. domains: - Try, attempt, - Plan, 7.7.2 - Aim at a target, - Weapon, shoot, - Intend, 6.4.1 - Hunt, - Purpose, goal.)

shek’eewa’, shek’eewa’an

shek'eewa', shek'eewa'an n albino Shek'eewa' nim namix. My friend is albino. Yooyot 'am namxa shek'eewa'an. He called his albino friend.

‘ach’, ‘aach’i


'ach', 'aach'i n alcohol Ach' da' xaaluw. The alcohol is in the cup. Aach'i na' ugnut. I drank alcohol.


hoyul' adj alive (cf. sober) Hedda' hoyul'. It's still alive.