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dasheywishit, dasheywishta’

dasheywishit, dasheywishta' v argue (sem. domains: - Contradict, - Quarrel, - Defend against accusation, - Debate.)

hoyoshit, hoyoshta’

hoyoshit, hoyoshta' v argue Hoyoshit boch'on nim 'am namxa. My son argued with his friend. Jack hoyoshta' 'am na'ata. Jack argued with his older sister.

weebin, weebina

weebin, weebina n arm Dugmat nim weebin. My arm got bruised. Niwit 'am weebina. She touched his arm.

lak’lak’, lak’lak’i

lak'lak', lak'lak'i n armpit Lak'lak' min k'aheeyat. My armpit stank. K'etta' 'amin lak'lak'i. He shaved his armpit.

damik’, damk’i

damik', damk'i adj aromatic Mich damik' 'eelaw'. The flowers are very aromatic (or smell very good/sweet).

pana’hiy’, pana’hiya

pana'hiy', pana'hiya n arrival place Ohom' da' hew pana'hiy'. The arrival place is not here. K'elta' 'aman pana'hiya. They painted the arrival place.

panat, panaata’

panat, panaata' v arrive Hoy'no' panat. The airplane arrived. Panaata' 'ama' p'ay' leele'hiyaw. The child arrived at school.

walpit, walipta’

walpit, walipta' v arrive early Walpit na' toy'ninaw. I arrived early this morning. Walipta' 'am no'om denderow. His mother arrived early at the store.

t’oyosh, t’oyoosha

t'oyosh, t'oyoosha n arrow Sasyinit t'oyosh. The arrow broke. Maaxit t'oyoosha. He picked up the arrow. (sem. domains: - Weapon, shoot, - Straight, 6.4.5 - Fishing.)

hashin’, hashna

hashin', hashna n ash Hashin' xoch'ooyow. Ash is on the ground. Ta'shit na' hashna xoch'ooyow. I saw ash on the ground.