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haweeshataw adv what time (at what time) Haweeshataw da' ma' xatta'? What time did you eat?

windara’, windara’an

windara', windara'an n window Ch'alinta' windara' dendero'on. The window of the store broke. Odibga hidya'an windara'an! Open all the windows! (sem. domains: 6.5.2 - Parts of a building, - Working with glass, - Roof, - Window.)

galiide’, galiide’en

galiide', galiide'en n watercress Bohulta' galiide' hew. Watercress grew here. Labayit na' galiide'en. I gathered watercress.


hawal'ma' adv when Hawal'ma' da' ma' ta'ishta' nim na'ata? When did you see your older sister? Hawal'ma' da' ma' dawhale'? When are you going to work?

shokoy, shokooya₂

shokoy, shokooya₂ v windy Shokwit. It was windy. Shokowon'. It's really windy. Shokowta' naanin yowtaw. It was windy when we went home. (sem. domains: - Wind.)

sandiiya’, sandiiya’an

sandiiya', sandiiya'an n watermelon Mich bajix sandiiya'. The watermelon is rotten. Ch'atta' na' sandiiya'an. I split the watermelon. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)


hili adv where Hili da' wakay'? Where is the river? Hili da' min xo'? Where is your house?

hoyoonich’, hoyonch’i

wimit, wimta’

wimit, wimta' v wave Wimit 'am p'onoosha. He waved his hand. Wimta' min p'onoosha 'am panaataw. I waved my hand when she arrived.


helew adv where (Lit: where at/to) Helew Kate taanit? Where did Kate go? Helew da' ma' xooto'? Where have you been?