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shokow'hiy', shokow'hiya n fan Mich gayis nim shokow'hiy'. My fan is very good. Xayan' shokow'hiya 'ooch'iy' windara'an. She puts the fan near the window.

shokow'yat, shokow'yata' v fan Na' 'am shokow'yat. I fanned her. Ama' nan shokow'yata'. She fanned me.

wa' adj far Mich 'amaamin xo' wa'. Their house is very far. (sem. domains: - Near, - Think so, - Separate, scatter, 8.2.6 - Distance, - High, 8.1.4 - More, - Far, - Less.)

'iykas n fig Hishe' 'iykas mi'in. The figs are getting ripe soon. Xata'an' 'aman 'iykasi. They are eating figs. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Food from fruit.)

paw'wit, paw'ta' adj fit Paw'wit k'osoy' bokbokshiw. The mouse fit in the hole. Paw'ta' na' hin gamiisha'an. I fit in this shirt.

hoy'nit, hoyinta' v fly Hoy'nit k'oliswa ch'enbay. The small bird flew away just now. Lagyiw k'oliswa ch'enbay hoyinhil. Yesterday, the small bird flew.

k'amaasi', k'amaasi'in n fly Hoyinta' k'amaasi' weelaw. The fly flew to the light. K'amaasi'in na' wosit sabaadu'un. I hit the fly with a shoe. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Soil, dirt, - Animal movement, - Angry, - Escape, - Fly, 7.3.8 - Transport, - Move up, - Forget.)

k'u'mal', k'u'mali n fog Soomo' k'u'mal' 'utu'un. The fog covers the trees. Pusho' jawwan shokow' k'u'mali. The strong wind blows the fog.


'aw'ja', 'aw'ja'an n fox Kayamwushit 'aw'ja'. The fox yawned. Yawaalit gaadu' 'aw'ja'an. The cat chased a fox. (sem. domains: 1 - Universe, creation, 1.4 - Living things, 1.6 - Animal.)

kishaalat, kishaalata' v fry Kishaalat na' gayiina'an. I fried the chicken. Kishaalata' 'ama' gayiina'an xapliw heexaw. He fried the chicken in hot oil.