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badach’, badaach’i

badach', badaach'i n body louse Badach' 'ach'ch'it nan. A louse bit me. Dachta' na' badaach'i. I have stepped on the louse.

xo’in, xo’ina

xo'in, xo'ina n body, 1 Xayaahanhil 'am xo'in gaamaw. His body was put down on the bed. Chipne' balenta' 'am xo'ina shoboonon. The doctor wrapped his body with a blanket.

putmut, putumta’

putmut, putumta' v boil Putmut 'ilik'. The water boiled. Putumta' 'uduulan. The acorn soup has boiled.


kewshit v boil T'eewishaw na' kewshit ga'shi. I boiled the leached acorn in the cooking basket. Kewishga hihoolo'on! Boil the beans! (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Growing sugarcane, 1.3.6 - Water quality, - Skin disease, 8.3.4 - Hot, 1.2.3 - Solid, liquid, gas, 2.5.3 - Injure, - Cooking methods.)

kiwshit, kiwishta’

kiwshit, kiwishta' v boil T'eewishaw na' kiwshit ga'si. I boiled the leached acorn in the cooking basket. Kiwishta' gayiina'an. She has boiled the chicken.

putu’mut, putu’muta’

putu'mut, putu'muta' v boil something Putu'mut na' haloosa. I just boiled rice. Nomch'ina hoona na' putu'muta'. I boiled seven eggs.

ch’ey’, ch’eeya

ch'ey', ch'eeya n bone Sasyinit ch'ey'. The bone broke. Yuk'lut na' ch'eya. I buried the bone. (sem. domains: 6.3.7 - Animal products, - Dry, 2.1.6 - Bone, joint, - Working with bone, - Quarrel.)

leele’hiy’, leele’hiya₂

leele'hiy', leele'hiya₂ n book (cf. school) Widinta' leele'hiy' 'am dadaach'iw. The book fell on his foot. Lumlumta' 'am leele'hiya xoch'ooyow. She piled her books all over the ground.

wooda’, wooda’an

wooda', wooda'an n boot Mich limik' wooda'. The boots are very black. Oxiyta' 'am wooda'an manaw. He took off his boots outside.

‘aamu’, ‘aamu’un


'aamu', 'aamu'un n boss Taa mokeela' nim 'aamu'. That woman is my boss. (sem. domains: 4.5.1 - Person in authority, - Control.)